what is website

What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages located under a single domain name.

The business or organization information is contained and displayed on these web pages, typically photos, videos, and text.

Users need a device with a web browser — laptops, smartphones, or tablets — and an Internet connection to access a website.

Once users have those, they can type the website’s address on the address bar of the device’s web browser to access the website.


While “website” was the original spelling (sometimes capitalized “Web site”, since “Web” is a proper noun when referring to the World Wide Web), this variant has become rarely used, and “website” has become the standard spelling. All central style guides, such as The Chicago Manual of Style[4] and the AP Stylebook,[5] have reflected this change.

In February 2009, Netcraft, an Internet monitoring company that has tracked Web growth since 1995, reported that there were 215,675,903 websites with domain names and content on them in 2009, compared to just 19,732 websites in August 1995.[6] After reaching 1 billion websites in September 2014, a milestone confirmed by Netcraft in its October 2014 Web Server Survey and that Internet Live Stats was the first to announce—as attested by this tweet from the inventor of the World Wide Web himself, Tim Berners-Lee—the number of websites in the world has subsequently declined, reverting to a level below 1 billion.

This is due to the monthly fluctuations in the count of inactive websites. The number of websites continued growing to over 1 billion by March 2016 and has continued growing since.[7] Netcraft Web Server Survey in January 2020 reported that there are 1,295,973,827 websites and in April 2021 reported that there are 1,212,139,815 sites across 10,939,637 web-facing computers and 264,469,666 unique domains.[8] An estimated 85 percent of all websites are inactive.[9]

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