what is wordpress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content operation system( CMS), a system that manages content in such a way that it can be manipulated using plain English or one of the other 70 languages in which the software is available. still, WordPress goes far beyond that. According to timid-2022 estimates by W3 Techs Web Technology checks, it forms the base of 43 of all spots on the World Wide Web. Although that number has been holding fairly steady over the antedating time( therefore with low time-on-time growth), it’s still an emotional figure and attests to the fact that WordPress does what it does exceptionally well.

The preceding overview will introduce you to WordPress, the humble blogging software that now powers well over a third of the web. It’ll outline the numerous effects the world’s most popular CMS can have and, maybe further to the point, the numerous effects it can have on you.

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